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Airport Hacks: Tricks for your Summer Holiday

Do, 08/18/2016
Airport Hacks Tricks for your Summer Holiday

It’s August, the school holidays are in full swing and it's the perfect time to head off to a warmer location with the family for a week or two. You’ve booked your flight months in advance and got a great deal on a hotel in a dreamy town right by the Mediterranean Sea. Your boarding passes are printed out, bags packed. You've checked 4 four times that you have everyones' passport and you're on the way to the airport. Yes, you’re flying on a Tuesday morning at 6am but at least you’ll have saved the extra cash for ice creams for the kids.

Now all you have to do is check in, get through security, walk to the gate and finally your summer vacation will have begun! Simple right?

Well, it can be made even simpler (and cheaper too) with these secret tricks that most of us don’t know!

Saving money:

Don’t pay for a luggage cart. Didn’t you notice how many abandoned ones where hanging around the pickup area last time you were at the airport?! Grab one of those and make use of it, then return it for the deposit!

Avoid paying extortionate prices for a bottle of water in the airport. There are two solutions for this, either take an empty bottle and fill it up after you’ve passed security or freeze your drink to pass security!

Airport savvy:

Many flights have been grounded due to vibrating suitcases so take the batteries out of your electric toothbrushes or other appliances to avoid embarrassment.

Check security, the airport police and each airline if you lose something as they often each have their own lost and found.

Items are usually up for grabs if they have been in the lost and found for more than 90 days. This is great if you desperately need a phone charger.

Apparently flight attendants get each other chocolates when they fly privately, so if you get them a little something they may think you are one of them and treat you especially well.

Avoid the long queue to speak to a gate agent when a flight has been cancelled or overbooked by calling the airline’s number. Or stand in the queue whilst on the phone so that the whole process is faster. The gate agent and customer service representative on the phone will both be able to do the same things and tell you the same things you need to know.

Inform your car rental reservation of your flight number, so that agents know if you are delayed and when to expect you.

Take an extension lead if you need more than one socket in the airport. Solo travellers: this is a great way to make friends too!

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