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Airline Passenger Rights in the EU

Mi, 05/17/2017

EU Regulation 261/2004 establishes passenger rights for delays, cancellations and cases of passengers getting denied boarding. It covers flights within the EU with all carriers. Flights which either originate outside the EU, or whose destination lies outside of the European Union, must be with an EU airline in order to be eligible for compensation under this regulation. A passenger must be delayed over 3 hours in order to qualify for compensation.

If disruptions to flight plans were caused by extraordinary circumstances, passengers will not be entitled to claim compensation.

As this regulation does not establish time limits for bringing actions in the national courts, each EU member state regulates such time limits individually. This means that different European countries have different statutes of limitations when it comes to making a claim for compensation for delayed and cancelled flights or cases where passengers have been denied boarding.

A claim for compensation can be brought to the national court of either the country of departure, country of arrival or the country in which the airline is based.

Time limits for making a claim against an airline are as follows:

Austria: 3 years
Belgium: 1 year
Bulgaria: 3 years
Croatia: 2 years
Cyprus: 6 years
The Czech Republic: 3 years
Denmark: 3 years
Estonia: 3 years
Finland: 3 years
France: 5 years
Germany: 3 years
Greece: 5 years
Hungary: 2 years
Ireland: 6 years
Italy: 2 years
Latvia: 3 years
Lithuania: 3 years
Luxembourg: 10 years
Malta: 2 years
The Netherlands: 2 years
Poland: 10 years
Portugal: 3 years
Romania: 6 months
Slovakia: 2 years
Slovenia: 2 years
Spain: 5 years
Sweden: 10 years
UK: 6 years

There are also three non-EU Countries that come under Regulation 261/2004, these are:

Iceland: 2 years
Norway: 4 years
Switzerland: 2 years

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