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5 Crazy Reasons For Delayed Flights

Fr, 11/18/2016
Why Is My Flight Delayed?

A flight can be delayed for many reasons, according to European Regulation 261/2004 such reasons can fall into two categories, either being deemed extraordinary circumstances or not. For delays and cancellations that are caused by extraordinary circumstances, like political instability, weather conditions, security risks and safety, or strikes, the affected passengers are only entitled to claim back expenses for welfare, such as food and drink, accommodation or transport to said accommodation. For all other reasons which do not fall under this category (such as technical problems, understaffing not caused by a strike or other things which are the fault of the airline) affected passengers can claim compensation, depending on their flight distance and delay time. Travelling by air takes a lot of coordination by many different parties; air traffic control, the airline staff, ground staff, airport security and the plane itself all have to run smoothly in order to leave on schedule, sometimes even the passengers themselves can cause a delay! Today at Get Paid When Delayed we’ve been investigating some of the oddest and most infamous reasons for delays..

-Cabin Crew Clash
In August this year EasyJet hit the headlines when one of their flights from London Gatwick to Belfast was delayed by one hour because the flight attendants had an argument. The spokesperson for EasyJet described the tiff as a ‘verbal disagreement’ but plenty of passengers took to twitter to reveal that the crew members had to be ‘offloaded’ from the aircraft after the fight got so heated.

-Ninja Turtles   
Yep, that’s right, turtles. John F Kennedy Airport in New York has a runway which juts out into Jamaica Bay, meaning it serves as a highway for the turtles when they head for the beach in order to lay their eggs. The airport has no choice but to stop all flights when this happens, as they wouldn’t want any of the little creatures being hurt by planes using the runway.

It’s not just turtles that gain access to the runway, it has happened a few times that people have also been found blocking the runway. A group of people marched onto the grounds of Heathrow Airport and occupied the runway in 2015, protesting against a planned third runway at the international hub. They caused hours of delays and many planes had to be held airborne above the airport, whilst waiting to land.

-Nut Good Enough
A Korean Air executive was jailed after the infamous ‘nut rage incident’ in 2014. After she was unhappy with the way nuts were served in first class, Heather Cho (Hyun-ah) ordered the plane back to the gate and that the chief of cabin crew be escorted off the plane. Apparently she preferred her nuts on a plate to in a bag, which landed her a year long prison sentenced for endangering aviation safety.

-Animals On The Loose
Delays have been caused by all sorts of creatures and critters inside the plane, including rodents, cockroaches, cats, dogs and snakes (don’t worry unlike in the film Snakes On A Plane, the aircraft didn’t get off the ground). A US Airways airplane was crawling with crabs after they got out a box in the cargo hold in October 2014, but it only caused a delay of half an hour.

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