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GET PAID WHEN DELAYED | Looking for compensation or refund of your delay flight or train?

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and get paid up to €600 and more back!

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Our service is completely free
we never charge a fee and we never take commission.
testimonial from Nina,
With the help of Get Paid When Delayed I filed a claim for compensation with AirBerlin. After some correspondence and Social Media posting, it turned out that the airline was not liable to pay compensation because my delay was not their fault, but the airline still provided me with a 500 Euro voucher and a refund for my expenses!! Thanks to advice from Get Paid When Delayed and pressure on the airline via Social Media, I managed to get a settlement!
testimonial from sofie
I used Get paid when delayed, to help me claim a refund from Easy Jet, When my flight was delayed for more than 3 hours. The website was easy to use and the customer service was exceptional. We got a reply from the airline company immediately and the whole thing took about 2 weeks. The best part is it was all FREE!! I would highly recommend this website to all my friends and family.
testimonial from verified customer
Our flight was delayed from Copenhagen to Berlin for more than 3 hours and was a technical issue. We never knew about reimbursement or that we can receive compensation. until I stumbled upon, I completed the process which is simple and easy and sent out the letter. I was contacted immediately by their representatives and assured me everything was free. They did all the social media for me and we got a mail from Easy Jet confirming that a cheque has been issued for our compensation. overall it was a great experience and will highly recommend this site.

Were you delayed for your plane or train, denied boarding or had your flight cancelled? With Get Paid When Delayed, you can claim back up to 600 per person – and we’ll never take a penny. We charge no fee and we take no commission, meaning you will always receive 100% of the compensation you deserve.

We know that airlines and train companies can be difficult to contact, and that they often try to wriggle out of compensating their customers, so we’ll do all the work for you, providing an airline claim letter citing all the necessary legal details. We also give you as many contact details as possible so that you can get through to a real person at the company, with tips on how to get the quickest response.

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